From Italy to Slovenia and back in five days

The area around Trieste is ideal for hiking: The limestone plateau of the Slovenian Karst mountains pushes to within a few hundred meters of the Italian Adriatic in this area, creating a varied landscape of bizarre rock formations, rugged slopes, shady deciduous forests and carefully tended vineyards.

The karst is particularly spectacular in the climbing and mountaineering paradise of Val Rosandra, where the small Rosandra River has carved an almost 400-meter-deep gorge into the karst mountains. In terms of scenery, you would almost think you were in the high mountains, if it weren't for the nearby sea and the harbor facilities on the horizon.

Limestone formation surrounded by deciduous forest

Vineyards on the Trieste Karst

Hiking through the karst landscape around Trieste

In the summer of 2017, we set out and hiked this great area in five day stages! Who is interested in mediterranean long distance hiking can inspire, where neither the sportive challenge nor the relaxation in beautiful accommodations is too short, who will certainly find around Trieste! The region is both scenic and culturally very attractive and has a lot to offer gastronomically!

Since we have been working for several years under recommend worthwhile long-distance hiking routes or create their own online hiking guides, we have now also prepared this hike accordingly and compiled tips for other hikers. In addition, we are pleased about Feedback and feedback!

Have fun with the post hike!

Frank & Christiane