Questions, testimonials and tips for hiking around Trieste

Have you already hiked in the province of Trieste or even on the Alpe Adria Trail? Or do you plan to hike there in the area?

Then we look forward to your comments, tips, suggestions or questions!

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  1. Hello,
    I am thrilled by your helpful homepage and have immediately decided to hike this beautiful trail around Easter! Unfortunately, I have only 4 days - is there a good way to "shorten" the round hike to 4 days?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Kind regards, Anna-Maria

  2. Hello Frank!
    We would like to thank you very much for the guidance, all very helpful information about accommodation and bus connections! From 28.03. to 04.04. we have undertaken this tour, have traveled by train. Has worked well despite tight transfer times . We had planned one day more, originally for the city of Trieste.......
    On stage day 3 and 4 the weather has not meant it so well with us and have therefore divided the 4th day in two stages and have spent the night in Basovizza in the hotel Center- zur Linde. We were able to enjoy the spectacular last stretch in glorious sunshine and good visibility. We are also thrilled by the Italian hospitality !!! Pre-booked we had only the first night in Trieste, so we were flexible with weather and condition :-)
    Without your help we would not have made this hike a reality and would have gotten lost endlessly without navigation help...:-)
    So thanks again!
    Harry and Ute

  3. Hello Frank,
    thank you so much for this wonderful site!!!
    We will "only" have about 2.5 days to hike (with car available). Which of the stages would you recommend the most in terms of views and diversity? Do I understand correctly that you do not recommend the entire 4th stage and the first part of the 5th stage?
    I would be very happy about a feedback!

    • Hello Maren,
      very much! For us, stage 1 and the second part of stage 5 were the highlights. If you are traveling by car, you will probably not do a real long-distance hike but rather stay overnight in one place, right? Then I would stay overnight in Trieste or Opicina and hike stage 1 and stage 3 from there (each in combination with a bus ride). Stage 3 can also be modified into a circular hike, e.g. from Grotta Gigante via Prosecco back to Sgonico. The same applies to stage 5: Park your car in Pesek, from San Lorenzo (waypoint 7) back to Pesek (approx. 6 km and 250 meters altitude difference).
      Many greetings

  4. Hey Frank,
    have returned yesterday from the round trip described by you. Have us to 90 % oriented to your route
    For us, however, the start of the first stage was the train station in Trieste, which has extended the first stage to just under 26.Also we have waived the sixth stage to Muggia not to spoil the beautiful impression.Were nevertheless in Muggia and have considered this place worth seeing.After a day's stay we have taken the ferry back to Trieste.
    Your description and the elaboration of the 5 days round trip is really great and very detailed.have us guided by the downland GPS data, which is also recommended due to the wild growth.
    Yours sincerely Michael

    • Hello Michael,
      Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm very glad that you liked it! And yes - stage 6 is actually only worth it because of Muggia. You have solved well!
      Many greetings

  5. Hello Frank!

    Thank you very much for this beautiful hiking article! Helpful were also your many good tips (eg the information that stage 1 and part 2 of stage 5 are the most beautiful - so we tried to do this in the sunshine). Weather-wise, we unfortunately did not have a good week, so it was a challenge and an adventure to complete this hike halfway dry. Nevertheless, we are very satisfied and very happy about the beautiful impressions and experiences!

    The most beautiful day was the day of arrival, so we spontaneously rescheduled on the train, got off in Monfalcone and took the bus to Sistiana; and started the tour in the opposite direction (we had just booked rooms in Trieste ...). We walked in Sistiana to your bathing bay over the beach (sometimes a slight climb over the stones) or over a path above.

    The next day we went by bus early to Sistiana and did stage 2 and 3 partly with drizzle in one day. But we went from Grotta Gigante by bus to Trieste.

    One day we paused in Trieste because of rainy weather. And the next day we were able to complete stage 4 reasonably dry. In Lokev we also spent the night in Casa Krasna. Top!

    The next day we ventured to stage 5, where we were surprised by the thunderstorm. The heavy rain we could sit out in Pesek in the hotel of the same name. After 2 hours we could descend in beautiful sunshine over the beautiful Val Rosandra.

    Our conclusion: You can hike the stages wonderfully from Trieste and also make a day break in Trieste at any time (because of weather).
    Very helpful for us during the whole tour was the APP Tplvfg for public transport. It also works in German. You enter the place of departure and destination and it shows all the ride options. At the same time you can buy the tickets. These must be activated on the bus by scanning the QR code on the bus.

    Love greetings
    Martina and Hermann from South Tyrol

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