Stage 2: Map

Stage 2: Directions

From Sistiana to Prepotto

Today's stage takes us through the rural part of the Triestine Karst and several small villages up to the hilly border area with Slovenia. To do this, we leave the coastal road from Sistiana at the Osteria Tre Noci (waypoint 1) inland and cross the highway. Immediately afterwards, a road branches off to the right (waypoint 2), which after a while leads to a gravelled path (waypoint 3). We walk through sparse deciduous forest, cross the railroad line and arrive at Slivia, a village of about 130 inhabitants with a lot of agriculture. At the pretty church of Slivia (waypoint 4) we continue straight on and follow the paved path towards San Pelagio and Prepotto. These two villages merge almost seamlessly into one another and are heavily influenced by viticulture. Although we are still in Italy, Slovenian is already predominantly spoken in this area!


The Alpe Adria Trail also passes through the small town of Slivia

From Prepotto to Sales

At Prepotto we turn left at waypoint 5 and walk through the woods for a short distance before we meet the SP6 highway and cross it (waypoint 6). At this point, by the way, is the highly recommended Trattoria Suban with a surprisingly metropolitan ambience for this location and very good cuisine.

From the expressway we walk in the direction of Ternova Piccola, where we keep slightly to the left twice in succession (waypoint 7 and 8). The trail continues uphill into the hills of the Italian-Slovenian borderland, always following the Alpe Adria Trail. In a large loop (therefore at waypoint 9 turn left and immediately right again) we hike through the deciduous forest, on Italian territory but with Slovenia in sight. At waypoint 10 the Alpe-Adria-Trail turns right and takes us downhill to Sales. There is a place to stay at waypoint 11 (e.g. in case there is nothing left at the stage destination in Sgonico).

In rural karst many paths are lined with stone walls

From Sales to Sgonico

The 3 remaining kilometers of today's stage lead us through Sales through (turn left at waypoint 12 and right at waypoint 13) and through the vineyards of Colludrozza until after Sgonico.

View from the hills in the Italian-Slovenian borderland

Sgonico is located in the middle of the rural karst

Facts about stage 2

Route: 13,6 km
Altitude meters: 345 m ascent / 135 m descent
Duration: 5:00h (without breaks)
See also Elevation profile

GPS route download for stage 2 (GPX format)

Refreshment stops along the way

Highly recommended: Trattoria Suban between Prepotto and Ternova Piccola

The terrace of Trattoria Suban surprises with its casual ambience

Modern country house ambience at Trattoria Suban

Hiking through wonderful deciduous forest

Stage 2: Accommodation in Sales or Sgonico

The two-story mini-apartments of B&B Sgonico have a shared pool and a large garden area

Overnight stay at B&B Sgonico or at Agriturismo Bajta Fattoria Carsica

The end of stage 2 is in the rural part of the Karst, which is quite sparsely populated. Overnight accommodations are available in one of the two villages located about 3 km from each other Sales (Slovenian: Salež) or Sgonico (Zgonik) to find. Both towns are located in Italy, but the Slovenian influence is unmistakable and audible here.

On our hike we decided to spend the night in one of the three apartments of the B&B Sgonico decided: The apartments, each with two floors, are located next to each other by a swimming pool with a wooden terrace and are surrounded by a large, very well-kept garden. Breakfast is brought by the owners in the morning at the agreed time, so you can have breakfast on your own terrace. Coffee and tea can be prepared in the apartment itself.

For those who would like to spend the night on a farm, the Agriturismo Bajta Fattoria Carsica in Sales might be interesting. Stage 2 is then shortened by about 3 km (stage 3 is extended accordingly).

Tip: In any case, the planning should take into account that Sales and Sgonico are really very rural. There are no supermarkets or other shopping facilities there and only a few restaurants. Therefore, it is useful to inquire in advance about the opening hours of local restaurants. In Sales and Sgonico there are the following restaurants (as of July 2018):

The nearest shopping opportunity along the hike described here is in Repen, in hiking direction about 5 km from Sgonico. Here is located with the Hotel Krizman also another overnight accommodation in the rural karst area. However, stage 2 is then extended accordingly by 5 km.

The bedrooms are each on the upper floor

The two-story apartments at B&B Sgonico have beautiful bathrooms