Osmize is the name for broom taverns on the Trieste Karst

What elsewhere is called Besenwirtschaft, Straußenwirtschaft or Heuriger is called around Trieste Osmiza (Italian plural: Osmize).

From the sound of the word you can already tell that it is an original Slovenian name that has been adopted into Italian. The farmers and winegrowers of the Trieste Karst offer as a Osmize for a few weeks a year offer their wine and some small items such as cheese and bread. In the province of Trieste there are approximately 50 Osmize, whose opening hours are spread throughout the year.

We recommend that you find out before the hike about the currently open Osmize to inform - these are listed under www.osmize.com listed. At www.osmize.com/mappa there is also a map view for easier orientation.