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The perfect vacation reading for Trieste: The detective stories with Commissario Proteo Laurenti

The city of Trieste is a beauty almost undiscovered by foreign tourists, with imposing squares, grand palaces, many churches and a unique waterfront. A comparison with nearby Venice would perhaps be a bit presumptuous, but Trieste is definitely worth seeing - and unlike Venice, it is not overcrowded at any time of the year! We ourselves would have probably left Trieste to the left, if this city had not been known to us for years through the very readable crime novels of the German author who lives in Trieste. Veit Heinichen would have grown close to my heart.

Since 2001, Veit Heinichen has had his main character Commissario Proteo Laurenti in Trieste and, along the way, introduces the reader to the uniqueness of Trieste and its surroundings. The detective novels of Veit Heinichen are therefore a perfect travel preparation or vacation reading: The attentive reader will discover numerous plot locations from the Commissario Laurenti detective novels on our circular tour...

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Veit Heinichen: The crime novels with Commissario Laurenti are set in Trieste