Maps & GPS route information

All the routes recommended on this website we offer as free download in GPX file format. The GPX file format is a standard file format for route information and waypoints. It can be used e.g. with our recommended smartphone app Viewranger open

Tip: If you have difficulties transferring GPX files to your smartphone or importing them into the Viewranger app, or if you are wondering how to download the map material for offline use, we have created various small instructions on a separate website. You can find them under

GPS route download - stage 1

GPX file download for the section "Trieste - Sistiana" (stage 1)

GPS route download - stage 2

GPX file download for the section "Sistiana - Sgonico" (stage 2)

GPS route download - stage 3

GPX file download for the section "Sgonico - Opicina" (stage 3)

GPS route download - stage 4

GPX file download for the section "Opicina - Lokev (Slovenia)" (stage 4)

GPS route download - stage 5

GPX file download for the section "Lokev (Slovenia) - Bagnoli della Rosandra" (stage 5)

Overview of all stages: Map

Hiking map as PDF download (scale 1:25.000)

Despite all the advantages of digital hiking maps and apps, it is always practical and helpful to additionally hold a paper hiking map in your hand.

At we therefore now offer hiking maps in pdf format for download and self-printing. Our PDF hiking map for Trieste and surroundings contains 13 pages. The map scale is 1:25,000 (when printed on A4 paper). In addition, the circular hiking trail Trieste is already marked in the hiking map.

The PDF hiking map is composed of 13 individual sheets, each of which can be printed on DIN A4. A daily stage includes on average about 3 sheets.