Stage 3: Accommodation in Opicina

The breakfast at Hotel Valeria is excellent!

Hotel Valeria in Opicina

In Opicina - the destination of stage 3 - we can enjoy the Hotel Valeria recommend: Only recently renovated, this hotel impresses with its excellent breakfast and the wonderful roof terrace, where you can relax in the evening sun and end your day of hiking. The quality of the breakfast is no coincidence: The Valeria is probably best described as a Restaurant with attached hotel (and not vice versa).


The roof terrace of the restaurant "Trattoria Valeria 1904".

Gastronomy in Opicina

In Opicina there are also many other nice restaurants, bars and cafes. We especially liked the Caffè Vatta. If you fancy the aperitivo so typical in Italy before dinner, here is an alternative to the roof terrace of the Hotels Valeria.

Caffè Vatta, very popular at all times of the day, on the main street of Opicina (here empty for once).

Comfortable rooms in Hotel Valeria in Opicina

Overnight stay in Villa Opicina - Hotel Valeria - the roof terrace of the restaurant is the highlight