Culture and history of the province of Trieste

Almost next to each other: The Catholic Church of Sant'Antonio Taumaturgo and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Trieste

Italian, Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian influences

The province of Trieste is the smallest province in Italy in terms of area and consists of a narrow coastal strip, only 5 to 10 kilometers wide, which is almost completely surrounded by Slovenian territory. This geographical peripherality gives Trieste its special character to this day: Trieste is part of Italy, but it is more than just Italy!

Trieste was under Austrian rule for centuries and only became Italian at the end of the First World War. After the Second World War, things continued to be turbulent: Trieste was initially claimed by Yugoslavia, and in 1947 the Freia Territory of Trieste but then proclaimed a separate state. Trieste was the capital, but not for very long. Already in 1954, the buffer state was dissolved again and divided between Italy and the then Yugoslavia.

Culinary this eventful history is expressed in an exciting variety! Who is in Trieste only pizza and pasta, has missed something!